How to get traffic potential of keyword / keyword

Is there a way to know the potential of a nice trafi he is one of the tools that are very popular and was named the Google keyword planner, planner sepertnya unique Google keywords is not effective anymore about we use in order to reset the keyword / keyword a blog / web.
continue what about the beginners will reset keyword / keyword wrote further whether the origins of writing or in a manner like what ....?
potential of keyword / keyword
potential of keyword / keyword

And also is there a way / method that we can do to reset a keyword / keywords with no need to create an account on the ads on adwords even though have not really tested this method of adwords but arguably been very functional.
perhaps because we do not have to pay up or do not want to use advertising on Adwords to reset keyword / keywords for your blog.

Well this is a bit unique because this time Title keyword money blog will share tips how to reset the keywords in a way that is easy enough free Caranyapun please visit here

After you sign in the yard of his home page then simply Click on Free Access aim to create an account so that we can use to merset keyword / key word for free

see below just fill in your name and email and check my writing is not a robot and click sign me up

Then please check your email for all the data has been sent to your email including paswodnya
Do not forget to click the link to verify it as shown below


then check again my writing mengaktifkanya not a robot to your account and click Activate your account

The next Your account is now active. You may now Login

after login, then you can see the menu on the menu where you can reset your keyword / keywords can even search for all kinds of variations of long tail keywords yah Interest to search for the keyword competition. A further direct you click ULTIMATE RESEARCH to reset the KEYWORDS.

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Next on the menu ULTIMATE RESEARCH
  enter keyword / keywords you want to reset
Select the region where countries are being targeted or could choose the country INDONESIA
Select GOOGLE Indonesia
And if you want results very spacious then select Broad Search
Then click Search FOR Keywords
Then wait a few minutes to complete this tool to collect data

Thus tutor or guide how to reset the keywords / keyword free alias without using GOOGLE Keyword Planner hopefully this tutorial helpful

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